Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fan Expo 2011 photos

Finally got around to transferring my photos over to my laptop. Enjoy!

Working hard on my prep...
In the middle of saying something really important...
Chris Claremont
Fred Van Lente
Dale Eaglesham

The Panelists
And yes, there was more to the Fan Expo than just my panel...
Me and Bill Sienkiewicz
Are those storm troopers?
Robert Englund and Lance Hendrickson

Darth Vader and my daughter, Claire


  1. Heh. Than Fan Expo looks great. I need to go to some of those. How was it compared to your Trip to Comic con this year?

  2. Fan Expo is about 1/3 of the size and didn't seem to draw half the talent that SDCC could. There was little presence from TV studios, so depending on how you feel about those, it could be good or bad.



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