Thursday, August 18, 2011

1981 - Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's Bulleye

Saw this lovely item up on eBay.


  1. Nice find.
    I certainly don't want this to sound like a "dis" on Miller. But what most people think of when they think of "Miller" art is really "Miller-Janson" art.

    He did some nice work on his own, but it wasn't as "moody" or "noir-ish" as his work with Janson. To paraphrase Bullseye (in DD 181), Miller was good, Miller and Janson were magic.

  2. Agreed 100%, that's exactly why I made sure the title of the post was Miller/Janson.

  3. This may be true, but this Blog earlier had a post showing Miller's pencils on a DD page and the finished product. They looked pretty darn tight. But I will give Klaus credit. Certainly by the end of the run it was much more his work



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