Sunday, August 21, 2011

1980s Comics that need to be collected

Preferably in some hardcover format and not in the Essentials format.

  • Strikeforce Morituri
  • Rom (probably never due to rights)
  • Amazing Spider-Man (Stern & Romita)
  • Incredible Hulk (Mantlo and Buscema)
  • Micronauts (including X-Men vs Micronauts, but probably never due to rights)
  • Ka-Zar (Jones and Anderson)
  • Captain America (DeMatteis and Zeck)
  • Spider-Woman
  • Jack of Hearts
  • Last Galactus Story
  • Daredevil (O'Neil and Mazzuchelli)
  • Amazing Spider-Man (DeFalco/Frenz)


  1. so many great runs. you got a good list and I'd whole heartily 2nd
    Incredible Hulk (Mantlo and Buscema)
    Amazing Spider-Man (Stern & Romita)
    Amazing Spider-Man (DeFalco/Frenz)

    Issue 300 of the Hulk was one of the 1st comics I ever read (FF 201, Classic X-men #8 and a reprint of Amazing spider man annual 1,rounding out my intro to comics) so that hulk run would be highest on my list
    I'd also add in Daredevils run with Romita Jr.

  2. No arguments there - always hopeful the rights issues can be resolved on Micronauts and Rom especially. Love to see Spiderwoman collected - if not all then that great late run by Claremont / Leialoha based in San Francisco. Much fun and hugely underrated!

    1. No no no you have it backwards, it's the Infantino Los Angeles stuff that is good and should be collected. The rest is dreck tarnished by Claremont's Asian fetish.

  3. One day we will have a Romnibus. And that day will be one of rejoice.

  4. I would nominate Iron Man by Denny O'Neil and Luke McDonnell as a 1980s comic that needs to be collected; specifically, issues #166-200, when Tony is down and out, Obadiah Stane takes over Stark International, and Rhodey wears the armor. #193-200 have been collected in the Iron Monger HC but this was one of my favourite runs in the 80s, I'd really like to see the whole thing collected.

  5. Great selections, Jason. I would extend the Cap collection to include the DeMatteis/Neary run too... up to issue #300.

  6. Roger Stern Avengers Omnibus. 'Nuff said.



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