Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1984 - TSR's Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game

The first edition of the Marvel Superheroes RPG game was released in 1984 by TSR and designed by Jeff Grubb.

The first edition, the Basic Set, was a box set priced at $15 and included the following:

- 16 page Battle Book which featured original art by Al Milgrom
- 52 page Campaign Book which featured original art by Sal Buscema
- Day of the Octopus game adventure
- a 2-sided map of New York City
- 8 character cards
- 25 cardboard tokens

TSR's gaming publication, Dragon magazine, had a monthly column called The Marvel-phile which usually added new characters or groups

Here's list of the Adventure modules that were released for the basic set:

  • The Breeder Bombs (X-Men)
  • Time Trap (Avengers)
  • Murderworld! (Fantastic Four)
  • Lone Wolves (Daredevil, Black Widow, Power Man, Iron Fist)
  • Cat's Paw (Alpha Flight)
  • Judge's Screen
  • Avengers Assembled!
  • Adventure Foldup Figures
  • Pit of the Viper (incl. Adventure Foldup Figures)
  • Secret Wars
  • The Last Resort (West Coast Avengers)
  • Thunder over Jotunheim (Thor)
  • Fault Line (Spider-Man & Avengers)
  • Project Wideawake
  • Concrete Jungle
  • Weapons Locker
  • Gates of What If ? (Spider-Man, FF, Avengers)

Here's a review (a bit biased of course) of the game system by Marvel Age:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

1985 - Avengers/Fantastic Four crossover Annual event

The Avengers Annual #14 cover by Kerry Gammill and Kyle Baker.
The Fantastic Four Annual #19 cover by Kerry Gammill and Joe Sinott.

1983 - Marvel Editorial Assignments

[Mark] Gruenwald, [Dennis] O'Neil, [Tom] DeFalco, [Larry] Hama, [Al] Milgrom, [Ralph] Macchio, and Louise [Jones/Simonson]

Friday, November 25, 2011

1989 - Marvel Collector's Pin Sets

Simply based on the cover prices, it looks like there might have been two waves, the first wave at $7.99 and the second one at $8.99.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Marvel Solicitations - February 2012 - Marvel 1980s Goodness

The 1980s highlight of these solicitations to me was this amazing cover by Nick Bradshaw who draws so much like Arthur Adams that I thought it had been done by Adams!

And now, onto the solicitations:
A star falls to earth. Panic grips the planet as mankind prepares for its inevitable end. But the star is a ship, and inside is a god. All he asks is adoration. Overcome with relief, man rushes to obey. There is only one voice of dissent that will not be silenced: the Silver Surfer, who recognizes the “god” as his former master. But why has Galactus encouraged mankind to live down to his darkest nature? From Stan Lee and Moebius, one of France’s living treasures, comes a bewitching tale of man’s folly and nobility. Plus: Almost every hero on Earth has fallen before the unexpected power of Mrrungo-Mu, the alien leader of the Enslavers. All except the Silver Surfer. But what chance does even he have against such power? Collecting SILVER SURFER (EPIC) #1-2 and SILVER SURFER: THE ENSLAVERS HC.

The saga of one of Marvel’s premier cosmic crusaders begins here! Long before joining the ranks of the
Annihilators, Quasar participated in his own out-of-this-world adventures - both earthbound and beyond. Relive these early star-spanning tales, including Quasar’s role during the “Acts of Vengeance” and his initiation into the Avengers! Collecting QUASAR #1-9, and material from AVENGERS ANNUAL #18 and MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (1988) #29.
240 PGS./Rated T ... $24.99

Sunday, November 20, 2011

1984 - Bill Sienkiewicz's Dune

1985 - White Queen poster

I don't remember seeing this poster. It's drawn by Mary Whilshire and I'm assuming it was to promote the Firestar miniseries that year.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1981 - Bubble Funnies

The Bubble Funnies series was released in 1981 by Amurol Products and Marvel Comics. Each full color issue was 2 5/8-inches by 3 1/2-inches in size and ran 10 pages. These issues originally came shrink-wrapped with a stick of pink bubble gum.

There were four issues in the Bubble Funnies series:
  1. The Amazing Spider-Man - "The Clutches of Doc Ock!"
  2. The Incredible Hulk - It's brawn vs. brain when The Incredible Hulk becomes "Trapped in the Lair of The Leader!"
  3. Captain America - Captain America's origin is told retold in "The Red Skull Strikes from Space!".
  4. Spider-Woman - All new Spider-Woman story "To Defy Doctor Doom!".
 I found the full issues here: A tip of the hat to the Wonderful Wonder Blog!


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