Monday, August 15, 2011

1984 - Marvel Patches

From what I could piece together, there was a main set that included the Avengers, New Mutants, and the X-Men, as well as spin-off, like Alpha Flight and Fantastic Four (set of 4 of course). Interesting to see that Alpha Flight ranked well enough to be included. These patches were 4" wide.


  1. Yes, Alpha Flight was a surprising choice, but I'm shocked to see that Alien Legion made the cut!

  2. Agreed. It's also interesting to note the copyright that states Carl Potts instead of Marvel...

  3. Yeah, there were TONS of these things.

    I have two different Doctor Strange, Dr. Doom, Vision/Scarlet Witch, Black Knight, Gargoyle, Cloak&Dagger (I think the one you picture above AND a different one), S.H.I.E.L.D. logo, and maybe a couple of others that I can't recall.

    Then they started changing up the overall patch shape.
    One of mine is shaped like Captain America's original triangular shield.

    Some of the choices of who was put on a patch were weird and almost random, but I guess were fairly popular characters at the time.

    Alpha Flight was a VERY popular book for it's first few years, so no real surprise there.
    DAZZLER?! Now THAT's a surprise!


  4. I have Dreadstar (in his superhero-style outfit) and Secret Wars (just the logo on a black background) patches. Jason, would you be interested in scans of those? I'm guessing, due to licensing issues, they didn't do Rom, Mirconauts, or the like.



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