Monday, August 22, 2011

1990 - X-Men: X-Tinction Agenda Hardcover

X-Tinction Agenda Hardcover
304 pages
Written by Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson
Art by Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Jon Bogdanove, Rick Leonardi, and Guang Yap.

Here's a closer look at this hardcover. Extras include:
- Several pages from the previous TPBs that help transition material
- TPB covers
- House ad and in-store wanted poster


  1. When I started collecting comics again, this was the first trade I picked up. It may have been a weird time for comics, but I love those Jim Lee X-Men days.

  2. Jim Lee's work was nice, but Rob Liefeld represents everything terrible about comic book art of the 1990s (and beyond)

  3. Jim Lee days were ok...but i agree with the LIEFELD stuff...Hated it.

  4. I wanted to teach myself how to draw when I was younger just so I could re-draw the X-Factor issues from the X-Tinction Agenda. Even now I can't stand to look at those pages. Ugh.

  5. Completely agree with the X-Factor X-Tinction issues. Really ruined the end of the crossover for me. If only Portacio came onto the series much sooner. Uncanny X-Men 272 was my first comic that got me into collecting. The art inside and that cover.....Might have to get this hardcover.

  6. This is the series that got me hook on Jim Lee. I was too thrilled with Liefield or Bogdanove art.

  7. i think this was around the time i stopped reading the x-men. i didn't like Lee's work too much. Liefeld uugghhh...

  8. Quite like Bogdanove. He did a great Power Pack. Lee and Liefeld are both pretty awful. Lee gives everyone the same cheek implants, gritted jaws, and squinty eyes. Liefeld just sucks and shows no evidence of learning anatomy.



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