Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 - Alpha Flight now an ongoing series!

Announced at Fan Expo 2011 - The 8-issue Alpha Flight series has been converted to a regular ongoing series.
“The situation in Canada goes from bad to worse,” co-writer Fred Van Lente forecasts. “This requires intervention from its neighbor to the south, in the form of the Avengers.” And Wolverine... “Alpha Flight finds out they're [part] of a super team they weren't even aware of—the Commonwealth of Heroes."

“Our story has remained the same and will hit a massive climax in issue #8,” confirms co-writer Greg Pak. “We now have the real estate to spread out some of our characters’ subplots and give them room to really breathe. And we're really opening things up with a big, big idea we've been mulling over with issues #9-12.”
“With an eight-issue [limited series], the main focus was seeing the fascist government take control turning our heroes into outlaws and seeing their struggle to survive,” editor Mark Paniccia says. “Now we can seed a whole new set of awesome subplots and bring in other teams and characters and let the book continue to rock.”

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  1. I hope this time it finally succeeds, at least 50 issues worth. I also hope they bring back Puck 2, who was great.



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