Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1984 - Marvel T-Shirts

Some fun Marvel t-shirts circa 1984 found on eBay...


  1. Nothing comes between me and Elizabeth Twoyoungmen on my AF t-shirt.

  2. Hey Jason,

    I'm trying to find more info on who was the licensee of these 1984 shirts.

    For instance, Marvelmania produced (via the back-door print company) all the 1960's shirts (and other marvel product) and later, places like Graphitti or Comic Images (or now, Junk Food or Mad Engine) might make the shirts.

    So, any idea if Marvel was still producing their own stuff in the mid 1980's or did they license out to another firm (as they did later)?

    I've just recently found a GRAIL item (check the link: )
    and it's a "SCREEN STARS" shirt, but they're typically just the manufacturer of the blank garment. Some other company would buy them in bulk to print on... but in the 1980's... who was it?

    Later 1980 shirts were COMIC IMAGES.
    I wonder if these were from them, but unlabeled as such?

    Aside from the grail item (DOCTOR STRANGE logo shirt - #13 in the 1984 series) I also have a 1987 Doctor Strange shirt (from a Bill Sienkiewicz illustration) - it can be found in this post: )

    So... any insights?

  3. Hey ~P~, wow, you already know waaay more than I do. Sorry, other than searching eBay, I'm not much help!

  4. OK. It's cool.
    Just thought I'd go to "Mr. Marvel 1980's" (Do you get to wear a sash and crown with that title? Was there a talent portion of the contest? lol)

    I shall hunt for more info, and if i come across any, i will share it with you.


  5. Ha! Up here in Canada, it's a skill-testing question! Thanks for that info in advance, I'll keep an eye open for any information as well.

  6. No Northstar or Shaman?!

    No Wonder Man?!

    Incomplete teams drive me nuts!



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