Friday, June 24, 2011

RIP Gene Colan

Rest In Piece Gene Colan, an amazing comic book artist who defined both Iron Man and Daredevil. Also well known for his work on Dr. Strange, Tomb of Dracula, Captain America, Batman, Jemm, Howard the Duck, Nightforce, Silverblade, Nathan Dusk, Sub-Mariner, Captain Marvel, World's Finest...

Fortunate enough to have met him at the NYCC in 07. A class act and a gentleman.


  1. An amazing artist who leaves a rich legacy - I confess it took me some time to really appreciate his work to the full - but when I finally did - wow! Tomb of Dracula always knocks me out whenever I pick up my Omnibus Editions.

    And thats just a tiny portion of his work...

    RIP Gene. And thank you.

  2. Hey Chris, thanks for the comment. It's funny you say that, but that's exactly what how I felt. Gene Colan and Tom Palmer together were amazing on ToD and Dr. Strange.



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