Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daredevil reboot targets Daredevil Born Again storyline

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Brad Caleb Kane, a writer-producer on cult Fox TV show Fringe, has been hired to pen the franchise’s relaunch, which has high ambitions: Kane is being asked to adapt one of the most influential and acclaimed comic stories of all time, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s "Born Again" run from Daredevil.


  1. I think "Born Again" was Miller's high-water mark as a writer, surpassing even the "Dark Knight Returns." Let's hope a movie lives up to this high standard.

  2. I agree, "Born Again" is one of Millers best!!

  3. A high point for Daredevil for certain. I got into Daredevil when JRJR was doing the art (come to think of it I followed JRJR to every title he did back then) so I read this a few years later. my question is, Do we need to see this on the big screen?
    most comic movies I find better when they try their hand at a new story over condensing an old classic, but even then its real hit and miss (see Ghost rider..wait don't see ghost rider but ghost rider is the example shutter...)
    Just my opinion

  4. The whole Matt Murdock as tortured catholic thing is not my cup of tea. Ruined the character for me.



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