Friday, June 3, 2011

2011 San Diego Comic Con

I'm happy to announce that I've been granted professional status for the San Diego Comic Con! I sent in some of the work I've done for Back Issue magazine as well as the amazing stats from this blog and they obviously thought it was sufficient.

The show takes place on July 21-24 this year and is only 46 days away. Looking forward to meeting Alan Davis and Roy Thomas. Expect a lot of pictures when I get back.

I've never been to the SDCC and have no idea what to expect. If anyone has gone and would like to share any suggestions or tips, that would be amazing!


  1. Congrats! I'll be rolling around there on Saturday.

    Only advice I can give is: PLAN. And wear comfy shoes. Show up to panels at least an hour early (if it's a popular/big Hollywood-type one, three hours). And don't even think of trying to park near the con.

    Also: I think it would be really cool for you to moderate a panel on "Marvel 1980s" one day. Maybe with panelists like Englehart, Stern, etc. You should pitch it to the SDCC peeps. I'll second it. :)

  2. Hey Pj, thanks for the advice. I have pitched a Marvel 1980s panel, haven't heard back from them yet! :( But, thanks for the support.

  3. Yeah comfortable shoes are a must! ANd yeah panels will fill up fast so pick them in advance and make sure you know your way around. you can get a layout of the place online. I try to avoid the main lobby and floor as much as possible when trying to get to different areas. Fun time. I plan on being there Friday and Saturday

  4. Best advice: be a local so you don't have to pay for travel or hotels and just ride the trolley in and out of downtown. Works for me. Oh and bring noseplugs as there are a lot of stinky sweaty nerds in July.



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