Sunday, June 12, 2011

1983 - Uncanny X-Men at the State Fair of Texas

Uncanny X-Men at the State Fair of Texas
Writers: Jim Salicrup/David Kraft
Artists: Kerry Gammil, Alan Kupperberg, and Chic Stone

This one-shot issue was included as a free supplement to the Dallas Times Herald newspaper. It featured a rather sad and uninspired plot with Magneto and the X-Men racing to find a new mutant. Thankfully, Eques, this new mutant has not appeared since.

The cover art was done by John Romita although I could barely tell it was his work.


  1. Should I be embarrassed that I actually own this?

    Oddly enough, it used to be a high-priced, rare issue (not the reason I have it, as I used to be quite the X-collector).

  2. "I like the way Storm made Big Tex kick Magneto in the pants!"

  3. I don't know, this is not too much to base my decision on...

    Was the story bad or simply a very basic one?

    Eques has a nice design, so, not knowing his full story, I think he could be a nice character if some writer developed him.

    At first I thought the mutant would be "Big Tex", and that would indeed have made me grateful for no more appearances from him, LOL.

  4. You don't think the cover looks like Romita's work? It's Romita, Sr., remember - there are definitely distinctive curves and lines that could only be his.

  5. Hey PJ, it's Romita Sr. certainly, just isn't put together very well as I'm used to. Eques is actually a great rendering, as is Storm, but Colossus and Wolverine seem awkward to my eye.

    Hey Cesar, the story was very basic and limited and with such a setting and scope, there's not much that could be done to breathe any life into it! :)

  6. Yeah, i always thought this was a rarity, but I found it a couple years ago in a $1 bin.


  7. think it might be more valuable since Big Tex just burned down?

  8. Hey Judah, thanks for the comment. Yikes, didn't know it burned down. Sad.

  9. I had this, too! Not only did Big Tex burn, but the Dallas Times Herald was bought by their competitor and shut down in 1991 (I was working there). A piece of strange history relevant to my life...



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