Monday, June 13, 2011

1987 - Iron Man: Armor Wars

Came across these wonderful commissions on


  1. Oh man, love that X-Men cover tribute!

  2. neat. i am currently chronologically reading all of iron man (via the complete iron man in pdf dvd), and let me tell you, 70s iron man was pretty dire. counting the issues until michelinie/layton come on!

  3. A personal Favorite Iron man Armor. Love the Red and Silver. This is the Armor he was wearing when I was finally able to start reading Iron man Monthly. My first issue was the in the middle of Armor Wars where he took on the Vaults Guardsmen and had to fight US Agent (Steve Rodgers). Great Stuff.

  4. @Daniel,

    I prefer the Red and Yellow suit by iron man because its more appealing. by the way the ironman villain photos above are good. nice job.

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