Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1983 - Incredible Hulk versus Quasimodo

Incredible Hulk versus Quasimodo
March 1983
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Sal Buscema and Steve Mitchell

This one-shot was a tie-in to the Saturday morning cartoon show and included the over-the-top Stan Lee narration to introduce the story. It was a rather uninspired story, featuring a rather contrived way to get these two misunderstood monsters. Loved Banner's purple suit. How else would Hulk get his trademarked purple pants?

Couldn't help but include the Editor-Al one-page mini-story by Al Milgrom.


  1. Is this the robot Quasimodo that also battled Captain Marvel? Or is this another one?

  2. I did the cover artwork to the UK release of this episode on DVD. :o)

    Great blog Jason... first time poster, but long time reader! Hope all is good with you :o)

  3. Hey Simon, thanks for sharing. And thanks for the kind words about my blog!

  4. I remember renting the VHS of that episode as a kid. I had to ride my bike across town and it was an all day trek. totally worth it.

  5. Love the very underrated al Milgrom



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