Monday, October 28, 2013

X-Men Gold #1 Page 6 by Bob McLeod

From Bob McLeod's Facebook page:
X-Men Gold #1 p.6 my pencils & inks.
I traced the backgrounds from a photo, but I like to find vanishing points for backgrounds, so I scanned my pencils and enlarged the canvas in Photoshop big enough to find the horizon and points, and drew lines for all the major lines in the scene. Then it was easy to correct any lines that were blurry or uncertain in the photo, and see that not all the buildings were parallel to each other. I was working on a short deadline, so I multiplied the tiny figures in Photoshop rather than draw them all. I changed the background a bit to show the smashed buildings where the giant sentinel had come from, and added more buildings behind the Blackbird. If I had had more time to think, I would have made the background clearer around the jet so it popped better, but I was counting on the coloring for help, which I should know better than to do.

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  1. A nice piece of art, but I think that I still prefer "old school" coloring.



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