Friday, October 11, 2013

1988 - Marvel Age Annual #4 - Wolverine/X-Titles story

Grabbed from Marvel Age Annual #4 (1988), featuring a cover by Arthur Adams and a sneak peek at the upcoming Wolverine regular series and X-Titles by Chris Claremont, John Buscema and Klaus Janson.


  1. Hey that Marvel age cover was a poster too I think! I'm pretty sure it was hand coloured and looked amazing!

  2. Hey Marcelo, you are correct...just have to find the link...

  3. I guess 1988 was the year for crappy re-imaginings of costumes.

    Hey Colossus, put a shirt on! (or whatever your old costume was), I always hated that Kitty Pryde look, (the new X-men looks were pretty bad, in general), as well as the awful "new" looks for the New Mutants. ( I am particular to the black and yellow originals). And Archangel was always a dumb idea as a whole, IMHO. Longshot, too, (ugh..)

    But you can't beat the brown Wolverine, and Adams always made him look cool.
    Capt. Britain's new look was pretty okay....again I love the original.
    But I actually like the Beast's brown/yellow X-factor look. (Hey Iceman, lose the belt.)
    And I wish Psylocke had kept this costume.

    Thanks for the memories.



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