Tuesday, October 29, 2013

1987 - Legends #6 - Jim Shooter Byrned


Len Wein, John Ostrander, and John Byrne poke a bit of fun at Mr. Shooter, disguising him as the villain Sunspot and the not-so-subtle references to the New Universe.


  1. I still wait patiently for the Jason Shayer version of the story of Jim Shooter's time at Marvel, particularly as EIC.

  2. Hey David, thanks for the reminder. Unfortunately, I've got a novel to write on my plate for the rest of 2013 and probably most of 2014. I'd still love to write something on Shooter though...

  3. This was a cute, funny bit when it came out. I remember groaning (and smiling) when I saw that "Sunspot" actually shot off his own foot. I've heard so many bad stories about Shooter's behavior at Marvel, but I only liked Valiant when he was still there. It would be really cool to read another take on his time at Marvel :)

  4. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! Will you be posting and/or blogging either what you're writing, or about the process of doing it? I'd be delighted to read either!

  5. Thanks David. I won't be posting up the novel, but I will be commenting about it and NaNoWrimo over at my author blog (which has been terribly neglected): http://jasonshayer.blogspot.com



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