Tuesday, October 29, 2013

X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer

Let me know what you think...


  1. This looks really well done. I had hoped that Singer's return could help restore what started out as a promising film series. Looks like that may just happen.

  2. We've had tons of casting announcements, including what seemed to be Quicksilver-for-the-sake-of-Quicksilver. Matthew Vaughan (sp?), who did such a nice job with First Class, won't be back. They're tackling a classic storyline - and we all remember the last time they did that (X3). I had heared it announced that Wolverine, instead of Kitty, would be going back in time, seemingly because every X-Men movie MUST be Wolverine-centric (don't misunderstand me - Hugh Jackman is marvelous; but there ARE a LOT of great X-characters. For all those reasons, I was not excited about this movie. And then I saw this trailer. Wow. I am now EXTREMELY excited to see this. It looks great, and they juuuuuuust may be able to pull it off. I know I'm excited to find out if they succeed.

  3. Yes, I definitely get a positive vibe from this trailer. Agree with BollWeevilPrime, that this storyline might be a great relaunching point for the franchise. And agree with David in that I was hoping they'd use Kitty instead of Wolverine, but it just might work!

  4. I think that Mystique may have been a better character to send back in time. Owing now to her link with Xavier's past. Certainly more of an emotional edge as well, seeing how she was left de-powered at the end of X-Men 3.

    A better choice IMO than Wolverine.



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