Sunday, October 6, 2013

1979 - Project Pegasus

Grabbed from Marvel Two-In-One #53.



  1. I thought the run in Marvel-Two-In-One featuring Project Pegasus was great! The Project gave some structure, background, and continuity to the series, and a continuing cast of wild characters. Ben Grimm as a security consultant! I really enjoyed seeing him play off the likes of Thundra, Aquarian, and Deathlok. It was the high point in that series, I think. Great art, too.

  2. Agreed, that late 1970s run was great with Byrne and Perez at the tops of their games....

  3. Thanks for the flashback again Jason! This was one of first comics to really pull me in, so many touchstones for me, my fondness for all things Gruenwald! a prototype of the diagrams that appeared in the beloved Marvel Handbooks! Byrne! Sinnott! Macchio! How could anyone not be a Quasar fan after a cover like that?! and the last page reveal of a certain Pre-Terminator, futuristic, laser pistol wielding, cyborg badass!



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