Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1983 - Alpha Flight #1

Grabbed from the johnbyrnedraws tumblr page:

John shared this story at his forum:
An Amusing Tale About Royalties:
Once upon a time I received the highest royalty check ever paid. Well, up to that time, anyway. And it took two tries. 
It was for ALPHA FLIGHT 1, which sold slightly over 500,000 copies (at $1 per issue!), which was also the highest any book had sold in a couple of decades. The royalty was $29995, which I only remember because… . (drumroll)….Marvel’s accounting department cut the check for $2995. They’d never seen a number that big. They dropped the middle 9, thinking it was a mistake!
I called them, and politely pointed out what had happened, and was promptly forwarded the missing money.
I also became the sweetheart of the accounting department. See, freelancers are a superstitious, cowardly lot, and they tend to freak out if they think they are being “cheated”. (I have one pal in the Biz who counts every penny and treats the accounting department as if they are his mortal enemies. He is not well liked down there!) Anyway, my response was calm, cool and measured. I knew it was just a mistake, and, as noted, I’d guessed why it had happened.
From that day forth, I never had another problem with my checks.

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  1. Since my "Golden Age" of comic book collecting was the early 80's when I was in my pre-teens, the introduction and launch of Alpha Flight is one of my favorite moments ever. It was a chance for me to be on the ground floor of a character and book launch, like the kids of the 60s were when the Avengers and FF were introduced. I was hooked as soon as I read X-Men 121, and gobbled up every appearance of the Alphans I could find. Unfortunately, when Byrne left the Flight for the Incredible Hulk, the characters and the stories suffered a long and painful death.(IMO)



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