Tuesday, June 5, 2012

X-Men: First Class Sequel to be based on Days of Future Past

Full story here: http://www.comicsblend.com/x-men-first-class-plot/

The next X-Men film will likely not follow the storyline exactly but it could be an exciting way to reboot the entire film franchise but like Spock created a new timeline in JJ Abrams Star Trek.
I wasn't a big fan of X-Men: First Class, mostly because of the way they haphazardly played with continuity, especially when the story could have been accomplished without making such blatant changes that non-comic book fans wouldn't have blinked an eye at. That aside, the acting was probably some of the best a comic book movie has seen.

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  1. It didn't bother me in X-men 1st class that they did not stick to continuity. I was bothered that the movie just was not very good (imho). Comic movies in general I treat as "What If's" or "else Worlds". Any change I can easily accept as it doesn't invalided the the original stories from the comics. My only hope is that the movie is good and some of these amazing characters from my childhood can reach a larger audience



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