Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Goddesses of Thor by Walt Simonson

From Walt Simonson's Facebook album:

Love the pencilled version as I feel it reflects the true amount of work involved in creating this piece of amazing art!

"The Goddesses of Thor, and Thor. Pencil. 14 x 17. 2012. Still have to erase the pencils, and spot the blacks but I kinda liked this stage. I never actually used the Valkyrie during my time on the book, but it seemed appropriate to include her here. A drawing to help a friend. I'll post about that when I post the finish."

"Thor and the Goddesses of Asgard. Pen and Ink. 14 x 17. 2012. The finished drawing. This drawing was done to help raise a few bucks for the ongoing care for Bill Mantlo. As some of you may know, Bill was the victim of a hit-and-run accident in NYC back in 1992, and suffered very serious head injuries. He's never really recovered. I committed to this drawing during an auction awhile back, and have finally had a chance to complete it, on Bill’s behalf. Hopefully, this drawing will help out a little.

Here's a little backstory and a Paypal button if you'd like to help out."

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