Friday, June 15, 2012

1985 - Anatomy of a cover - Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #1


  1. I loved those Handbooks, but finding a $1.50 every issue pushed the spending limits of my fifth-grade self!

  2. Hey EJK, they were indeed pricey especially when you had to give up the equivalent of 2 regular superhero issues!

  3. I loved how the Handbooks gave hero's strengths and how that launched many discussions with friends on who could beat who. Especially those Class 100 Strength types!

  4. Hey Matt, that was a great resource especially when I played Marvel Superheroes RPG...

  5. Tiny caveat: this is the 1st issue of the 1985 (2nd edition) DELUXE EDITION of the Handbook, as opposed to the 1983 1st edition (original) Handbook.

    Yeah. Minor nit.

    There have been so darn many incarnations, of which I own all except the 1990-1993 "Master Edition" 3-ring-binder (rip off of the DC WHO's WHO) format (I mean... there were 36 of those! At $3.95... That's nuts!).

    And sadly still continue to get the updates and whatnot today.

    For a list of all the editions:

    Even knowing that the info will be outdated by the time they see print, I still "have to" get them.

    At least, like the "Master Edition", I decided not to get the hardcover editions, opting instead for the tpbs (since I do have the original 1986 tpb editions).

    I mean... I'm crazy, but not THAT crazy.

  6. Hi ~P~, felt the same way and opted out of the master edition.

  7. I even had the master edition, it helped that I worked PT at a comic book/used book store. For some reason I wish they would re-do them again in the original handbook style.



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