Thursday, June 14, 2012

1980 - The Art of John Byrne

  • Published by S.Q. Production Inc. for a price tag of $5.95.
  • Volume #1, although there was never any further volumes.
  • Interview conducted Robert Keenan, a foreword provided by Roger Stern, a personal profile by Terry Austin, and an afterword by Chris Claremont.
  • Apparently, Byrne can do "a recognizable impression of Sir Winston Churchill" and can sing every verse of "I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas Across the Irish Sea".
  • He's also a "connoisseur of obscure curses and a seeker of the perfect hat".
  • A complete checklist of Byrne work until that time.
  • Included a 25-page story without any captions, called "Critical Error" which was later reprinted by Dark Horse comics.

And there's a summary of a What If story .... What If Magneto had formed the X-Men?


  1. And therein lay the seeds for "Age of Apocalypse," I guess ...

  2. When i was a child i´ve dreamed wiyh this book, but was imposible to get it. Now, when i am 40 years old, finally, i´ve GOT IT!!!! Totally unused, new, and a good price. Thanx to Internet. God bless John "the Best" Byrne!!!!

  3. I never knew this existed. If I did I would have hunted down by now. My favorite thing about this post is that color shot of all the heroes. Does that come with the book?

  4. Hey Daniel, yes that colour shot is in there, although it may have been cleaned up based on the digital image I found.

  5. I think I have a hunt on my hands now. Thanks for Sharing this. That shot has my favorite version of all those characters. I really miss Professor X in that old style wheel chair. Heck I miss the X-men from back then.

  6. You and me both. That was a very special era when the X-Universe was only one title!

  7. Yeah your right. I often forget how many titles it spun into from that one book. I think This weekend I am going to take a break and go read some Byrne X-men. How do I decide which part? I have the Dark Phoenix saga memorized, I'll probably pick up right after that.

  8. That's a great run. I really enjoyed the early #110s with their battle against Magneto and world tour after that into the #120s.



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