Thursday, June 21, 2012

1983 - Marvel Super Heroes Puzzleforms

From an eBay auction:
"A 30 piece puzzle with Colorforms play pieces that stick like magic! Includes Colorforms for the Amazing Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk and their arch foes: Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Abomination, Lizard, Green Goblin, and the Leader. Put the battle scen together and create your own adventures. Ages 3 and Up."
I love how they got the colour scheme of some of the characters sooo wrong, like the red Rhino or the blue Abomination!


  1. Heh. I remember Colorforms being VERY sloppy as far as coloring of the heroes. I remember the Spider-Man set from the 1970's, and didn't they color Spider-Man and Vulture one color apiece? :)

    I don't think too many kids minded, though. It was a thrill just to make our heroes do what WE wanted 'em to do! :)

  2. Hey Gernot, thanks for the comment. And great points!

  3. I had a very similar set as a kid!
    (same figures but with the traditional slick background. Not the puzzle.)
    But mine was from mid-to-late 1970's.
    Even I wouldn't have got that in 1983 (as I would have been 16 years old).

    Until very recently, I did still have a few of the figures stuck to my drafting table lamp (That Doctor Octopus and a Spider-Man). They're in a box of assorted office stuff right now.

    I loved those darned things.

  4. Man, I almost forgot about Marvel colorforms. I'm sure I had these before I could even read, and they probably had some to do with my interest in superheroes.

    Once again, thanks for the flashback----and I'm gonna check out ebay for colorforms!




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