Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1983 - Anatomy of a cover - Avengers #233


  1. First of all, first time commenter. I just discovered your blog like two weeks ago, and I went back and read the entire archive. Awesome site.

    Second of all, there's always a lot of talk here about how awesome the inks are, and how bad color sometimes makes stuff. Well, this is a great one for color - the inks are too heavy without the color, creating a looks-like-Thing's-torso sort of vibe, not to mention the huge blank spot in the lower left. The colors really make a world of difference here, from a mostly unintelligible picture, to a sensible picture.

  2. Hey David. Welcome and thanks for the kind words about my blog!

    Good point about the inks. Sinnott's inking is quiet heavy on this cover and the rocks in the background almost seem to seep out and overpower. The yellow of the rocks in the coloured version seems to dull this effect.



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