Saturday, March 3, 2012

Toronto Comic Con next weekend!

Next weekend at the Toronto Comic Con (March 10-11th), I'll be hosting two panels, A Spotlight on George Perez and A Spotlight on Mark Bagley.

Let me know if you have any questions for either George or Mark and I'll do my best to ask them.


  1. I've met George a couple of times - one of my favorite artists and a genuinely nice guy. What to ask? How about:

    "From Gainesville, Ga., Stephen asks: "Over the years in various fan publications we've seen a nice sample of the pencils you did for the aborted first attempt at a JLA/Avengers crossover. Is there ANY chance we may see these pages inked up, colored and officially released in some form EVER? Is there enough work there to maybe add a few pages and have some kind of retro-reality book? Your fans would love to see that."

  2. Hey Stephen, I had that same question. I know they reprinted the pencils in the Absolute JLA/Avengers, you're absolutely right that it would be amazing to put that together.



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