Friday, March 23, 2012

1985 - Anatomy of a cover - Avengers #258


  1. Hey it's Firelord, reminds me of Amazing Spider-Man #270 when Spidey beat the crap outta him, loved that issue!

  2. Hey Dean, that was a great 2 issue story. I'll have to add that to my queue!

  3. This issue actually showed the climax of that two-parter in a few short panels.
    Which was quite silly at the time, 'cause I remember this issue was in the Hype Box that month, building up Firelord as a cosmic threat and implying the Avengers were in trouble. And the Avengers show up to catch the end of Spidey beating him up. The only other action with Firelord is when Hercules kicks him around the mansion a bit.

    I felt it was pretty horrendous false advertising (back then the Hype Box influenced my purchases a bit), but I still enjoyed the issue because of the interesting subplot with Nebula blowing up a bunch of Skrulls with Captain Marvel's unwitting help.

    1. Cheers for the info, to be honest I'd only read the ASM#270 part of the story, back when I'd just buy a comic cos I liked the cover.

  4. And that Firelord story in Amazing Spider-Man was itself just another example of Tom Defalco ripping off another writer, this time aping Roger Stern's classic Spider-Man vs. Juggernaut two-parter.



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