Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some George Perez Love!

Grabbed from George Perez' Facebook Fan Page:


  1. Some great pieces, are they all commissions? If so, I wonder what the thinking was behind the Avengers groupshot with most of the classic members from up until the late 70s making an appearance... including Mockingbird who at that point hadn't even been created, let alone had a chance to join up. And even if this is supposed to be a later incarnation of the team, you'd miss recruits that came before Mockie (Tigra, She-Hulk, Starfox and the Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel to name a few)... Also, where's Jocasta?

  2. Hey Jeff, these seem to all be commissions. If I recall from the Facebook post, that was the roster a fan had asked him to draw. I managed to get on his sketch list for Toronto and have asked for a full figure Thor! So we'll see what I get...

  3. That groupshot is great. Those are The Avengers not the crap we get from bendis today.

  4. Man, those pieces are great. I love Perez. The only comic book artist I'm aware of that didn't draw all the characters with the same facial features and physique. A style he started on New Teen Titans. Also, one of the very few artists I know of that improves with age. Legend.



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