Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Modern Masters Tournament

Over at Eric Nolen-Weathington's Facebook page, he's running a Modern Masters Tournament, pitting all the artists he's featured in his Modern Masters books. Round two closes tonight at midnight!

Here's how things stand after round two...

Round three results:
And the final round:


  1. GAH!
    If ever I was tempted to get a facebook account, it would be for this. OK, maybe not.

    But, still... I'll try to avoid it awhile longer.

    With the exception of Vess besting Buckingham, all the round 1 votes seem to be what I'd have voted.

    Not that it counts, my round 2 picks would be:

    Davis v Alred - Alan Davis

    Simonson v Smith - Walt Simonson

    Nowlan v Ordway - Too close to call.
    (Although, as much as I LOVE Nowlan, might have to give nod to Ordway - a phenomenal draftsman!)

    Garcia-Lopez v Golden - Too close to call.
    (Garcia-Lopez has been consistent in his top-notch work and style, Golden has taken chances and loosened things up on occasion. Probably have to go with Golden)

    Perez v Romita Jr - Perez

    Byrne v Maguire - Byrne

    Timm v Ploog - Ploog

    Adams v Vess - Art Adams

    Then, as far as I care, it should come down to Alan Davis for the win, although Golden might be a tough call, because Golden can paint as well.
    But, the way I look at it; if I were going to buy a series, who would I want to see illustrate it?

    If I can't have the Michael Golden of the 1980's, then Alan Davis is the guy.

    Tamam Shud!

  2. Just thought to check back and see if there was any development - and Lo!

    OK, with the exception of Timm beating Ploog, round 2 went as I predicted. (The fact that it ended that way has to be because of the age of the voters and the fact that Timm has more name recognition.)

    This next battle should go as thus:

    Alan Davis v Walt Simonson - Alan Davis

    Kevin Nowlan v Michael Golden - Golden
    (although, imho it would be close)

    George Perez v John Byrne - too close to call.
    (Honestly, these guys are ALMOST interchangeable as far as range of projects and ability.
    But, Perez seems to get better while Byrne has favored his speed over his drafting ability. Might have to go with Perez, which blows my own mind that I would even think to do so.)

    Bruce Timm v Art Adams - Bruce Timm

    Still, if this doesn't end with Alan Davis as the winner (or MAYBE Timm, based on his more recent brand of fan-base and wider audience) then I will be STUNNED!

    Tamam Shud!

  3. Voting for round 3 ends tonight, so I should have an update tomorrow!

  4. Just saw the round 3 results.

    Oh well... I just don't get that left side AT ALL.

    Sure, MAYBE Kevin Nowlan could go up against Michael Golden and hold his own, but i just can't see him winning it.
    Both buys are excellent illustrators. Both are fabulous painters. But Golden has a better design sense, and is more likely not to make feet look like pontoons (which is Nowlan' main weakness).

    But there is NO way that Walt Simonson - as good as he is, and as nice a guy as I know he is - can edge out Alan Davis.

    Well, at this point, judging by the tastes of the voters, I can guess that Perez will win the whole shindig.

    Thanks for posting this.
    I'll check back to see the final tally.

  5. It's a tough call between Simonson and Davis. His Thor will always hold a special place in my heart. Perez continually seems to reinvent himself and evolve his art.

    The final results will be in on Sunday morning...

  6. The evolution (or devolution) of an artist is what makes exercises like this a bit difficult to parse.

    Are voters voting for the artist (as they remember him? in his "prime"?) or are they factoring how the artist drawn today?

    Some absolute masters would be seen as lesser talents today (to those uninitiated in their earlier works), or simply because of the decline of ability from age (which does happen, although not always).

    Also, are they taking into account those artists with multiple styles, or whose style changed drastically over the years?

    As a "Marvel of the 1980's" blog, you would agree that how many of these guys drew back then is not necessarily how they draw today.

    I'd have voted for 1980's Michael Golden to win "King for Life", but today... not so much.
    He's still awesome, but he's not the same.

    Alan Davis was a good, but somewhat weak illustrator in the 1980's. He's a powerhouse today.

    Kevin Nowlan has had a few styles and tweaks over the decades. Byrne is a more rushed version of his old self.
    Same for Simonson.

    And, of course, guys like Ploog and Perez are nearly exactly the same now as thy were then.
    Maybe a bit better, by fact of continued work and growth.

    So, that's why these things drive me a little nutty.
    I never know the parameters of the voting - or the mindset (or age bracket) of those doing said voting.

    Anyway, LMK how it all ends up.
    (But, as I said last time, Perez has it all locked up.)



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