Thursday, March 1, 2012

1984 - September's ads

I remember loving this flick. It had all those great (and over the top) story elements. Catherine Mary Stewart as Maggie! And of course Robert Preston as a great mentor.

One day I'll get around to doing a post a few posts on Power Pack. Similarly for Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man, especially Peter David's Death of Jean DeWolffe!

I was never into console games back in the 80s, but I remember spending a lot of quarters on the Arcade game!


  1. The guy in the Star Wars ad has got some nasty boogers in that schnozz.

  2. The Marvel House Ad really brings back memories for me. As a kid, I was one of those very luck few who happened to inherit a treasure trove of old comics (My uncle bought a house from a man who owned a magazine store. The house had tons of Marvel and DC comics from the 60s and 70s). So, I was pretty familiar with all the big heroes. Also, I would buy a new comic at the newsstand whenever my parents would pony up the fifty cents or so.

    However, I didn't start buying comics every week until I picked up those shown in the House Ad. Well, almost all of them. I skipped the Peter Parker, because of the black costume. In my mind, I had mistakenly thought that he must be the Earth-2 Spider-Man, because Spidey wore blue and red. As a result, I didn't buy it... until a few months later when I discovered my local comic shop (and that Earth-2 didn't apply to Marvel).

    Over 25 years later and I am still hooked on comics!

  3. Hey Rallenrader, thanks for sharing!



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