Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1989 - Excalibur #14

Here's the full cover (front and back) from Excalibur #14. While I enjoyed Excalibur's initial year or so, I felt the series really lost its steam with the Cross-Time Caper storyline as it ran for far too long and really didn't seem that clear of a direction. I actually stop picking up the title, but did pick it up when Davis returned as writer and artist with issue #42.


  1. Totally agree, when Davis stopped being the regular artist it lost it's appeal for me and I finally gave up half way this drawn out storyline...Great cover though.

  2. Excalibur was at the height of Claremont's slow burn plotting style (see also the Australian X-men disbanding storyline). I agree that the Cross-Time Caper went on far too long, but if you read only the Excalibur issues either Claremont or Davis were involved in, it's a much better read; almost like a 55 issue or so maxi-series. The Caper is a little easier to forgive in length then, and you can skip the 15 or so issues once Claremont left during which the series just had filler issues as no one knew how to make heads or tales of all the various dangling plot lines left by Claremont and Davis. Claremont had a fun 3 issue arc a few issues before Davis returned that brought Kitty back to the team. Look that up if you get the chance.

    Davis' return is so awesome because he so succinctly dealt with all these threads, with gorgeous art and funny gags to boot. I have some of the issues after he left, but I don't read them; the following writers so quickly destroyed everything he had set up that it was heartbreaking.

  3. I stopped reading during the 'Inferno' crossover issues, since I was in the process of ending high school and applying to colleges and all that.

    So I never read this issue, thanks for sharing the cover, nice mashed-up characters!

  4. Thanks for the insightful comments!

  5. I agree with all you guys, and Charles is right, the series picked back up when Davis returned. I'll never forget the team going to the Days of Futures Past world and hiding out inside a defunct sentinel. Excalibur was the weirdest of the X-titles, but still one of my favourites.

  6. This is the first issue I picked up, I really loved the crazy alternate characters, especially the lineup of Wolverines. I was disappointed that Claremont and Davis didn't stick with the book too much longer after this. I did enjoy Alan's second run. I remember hearing that Marvel passed on a Claremont Davis Excalibur pitch a few years back.



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