Tuesday, January 28, 2014

X-Men Portfolio by John Byrne - Part 1

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  1. Nice images!

    I always liked Shaman's original costume, the orange and green was original.
    The original costumes of AF, just the LOOK of that team is so fantastic, IMO.
    A lot of the themes were similar, Guardian, Shaman, Northstar/Aurora, Snowbird,Puck---very simple yet they looked so cool together.......and Sasquatch and Marrina brought a rougher, more organic look. I also like the NEW Defenders line-up of the 80s because of how cool they looked together. The AF, New Mutants, and New Defenders stories were always secondary (if that) to just how COOL the line-ups looked together on the covers.....how could I NOT plunk down 60-cents at the 7-11 just for the great cover?!?

    Then came the late 80s HORRIBLE recreations of the Alpha Flight and New Mutants and X-men costumes---all the pockets and pinks/purples, baubles, and whatnots. Hard to believe anyone thought that looked good.




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