Sunday, January 5, 2014

1986 - G.I. Joe Yearbook #2


  1. This is 'hands down' my favorite artwork in a comic book EVER!!. Michael Golden was at the peak of his powers on this. He took the crazy G.I.Joe vehicle designs & made them look like they'd actually work (something I discovered wasn't at all easy, when I was tasked with the same issue a couple of years later). I read & re-read (that is to say 'looked at the artwork') so much on my first copy of this that it ended up falling apart, & I had to go buy a second 'back issue' copy .

  2. This is a reminder to buy another copy next summer at Comic Con since I seem to buy one every couple years only to misplace it or I never have one around for Mr. Golden to sign. Like Staz Johnson above mentions, his art in the short story, cover and pin-ups was awesome. The weapons and vehicles were incredible! GI Joe was never drawn as great

  3. Unquestionably this is the best artwork ever and one of the best issues altogether of GI JOE as well. The gear, guns and vehicles look awesome in this. One of the issues I have with the current serious is how awful the guns are drawn. Golden doesn't really draw this style anymore but it would be great if he did an issue.



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