Saturday, January 18, 2014

1984 - Captain America Secret Wars Sketches

Bob Layton:
As I was packing up my studio for the move to Hollywood, I found these six prelim sketches I did for Mattel for the original Secret Wars toy collection. These drawings were done as concept illos for the toy boxes and were deliberately pencilled loose, as Mattel requested. The sketches are 131/2" x 17" on manila drawing paper


  1. Why would you move to Hollywood? It is SO expensive to live there!

  2. No it's not...unless you're comparing prices to some podunk in North Carolina...

    Bob Layton is another overlooked and underrated artist. Always reliable. I never understand why unreliable flashy guys get kudos for turning in late work that isn't all that great, but guys like Layton never get the appreciation they desere.



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