Friday, January 10, 2014

1983 - Anatomy of a Splash Page - Uncanny X-Men #167

By Chris Claremont, Paul Smith, and Bob Wiacek.


  1. I was a DC kid until I read this issue of X-Men and was instantly hooked! All my birthday/Christmas money for years after went into getting all the back issues I could of the X-Men. This is just a amazing 2 page spread!

  2. This 2-page spread captures so much action, it's a freeze-frame during the X-Men's own invasion of their mansion! Smith always rendered my favourite versions of Wolverine, Cyclops, and Colossus.

  3. Love this splash spread, showing the kids how it's done.

  4. It's such split-second shot that Cyke's blast hasn't even made it across the room yet! :)
    Paul Smith seems to be hugely under-rated in comics. I was very psyched to see his art on the latest "Rocketeer/Spirit" mini-series from IDW, only to see him drop out and be replaced by a sequence of fill-in artists. The "fill-ins" have been good, but it would have been so nice to see Smith do the whole thing.

  5. Sublime! I loved Paul Smith's work.



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