Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1988 - Anatomy of a Cover - Silver Surfer: Judgment Day

And the reprint softcover in 1990.



  1. The (first) graphic novel cover would also be used on the NES Silver Surfer game cartridges. Still a fantastic piece, nonetheless!

  2. Please forgive my mistakes : I'm French :)

    On the second image (the one with Mephisto), the final version painted by Joe Jusko has certain qualities, but takes all sense of movement and direction off : The surfer is kind of "posing" instead of flying, as seen in the Buscema/Palmer version.
    Generally speaking, Jusko brings big fat muscles (in the "body-building" maneer of speaking) and "visual effects" to an image. I wish Frank Frazetta (the only one - to me - that could ally painting and dynamism to a composition made his own version of Norrin Rad.



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