Friday, October 28, 2011

Todd McFarlane's covers for Marvel Tales


  1. These are cool. Question: Did Marvel Tales ever "start over" on their reprints of Amazing Spider-Man? Or did they just go straight through from No 1 to No. whatever?

  2. Hey Esteban, they did indeed start over again in the mid-1980s, but only ran just over 100 issues and then focused on reprints of the Punisher and X-Men crossovers.

  3. Ah, I see. So they were cherry-picking Punisher and X-Men appearances for reprints that would sell, and sweetened the deal with new covers. Never knew that. Thanks...

  4. Marvel Tales originally reprinted Amazing Spider-Man in order. Then it switched to reprinting "choice" Marvel Team-Up issues, as Jason alluded to.

    I love how the captions on these covers seemed like they were written by the editor after seeing McFarlane's artwork and saying "WTF?"



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