Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1987 - Bob McLeod and Amazing Spider-Man #293-294

Sharing a few fine examples of the beautiful work that Bob McLeod did in the 1980s. Snagged from Bob McLeod's Facebook page.

1987 Amazing Spider-Man #293, part 2 of Kraven's Last Hunt. Pencils by Mike Zeck. Hunt 103 nib and brush. This is probably the series I get the most comments on, other than New Mutants. Mike & I had already worked together on many covers before this, but I think it was only my second time inking a story over him (I think Peter Parker #118 was the first). So even on tight pencils like this, I usually made some changes, and Mike always told me to do whatever I thought best when inking him.

1987 Amazing Spider-Man #294, part 5 of Kraven's Last Hunt. Script by J.M.DeMatteis. Pencils by Mike Zeck. Lettering by Rick parker (adding a personal touch to Kraven's diary that computer lettering can't match). Inked with Hunt 103 nib and brush.
By part 5, the deadline was looming for Mike, and he had switched over to doing btreakdowns, trusting me to keep up the atmospherics. No rain on this page, but I still threw in a lot of linework texture, and obsessed over the cage.


  1. one of my favorite zeck works ever...
    the only question i have is why they still havent yet included the epilogue one-shot in any of the hardcover or tpb re-issues ?
    Seems as if with how many times theyve reissued it that at least they would include it in an expanded type edition if nothing else like the 10th anniversary edition of Marvels .


  2. in retrospect , having gone back over this particular issue , the McCleod style does shine through and add an accentuation all it's own...




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