Friday, October 14, 2011

1981 - DC Special Series #27 - Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk

DC Special Series #27 - Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk
September 1981
Writer: Len Wein
Artists: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez/Dick Giordano

Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk was the third crossover between Marvel and DC, with the first two being the Spider-Man and Superman specials. I recall picking up this story in the Warner Books Paperback Edition in early 1982.

I fell in love with Garcia-Lopez’s art and his smooth, slick style, especially on the Batman. And Len Wein did a great job with the story as it was quite an odd pairing for this cross-company team up. I still vividly recall the scene in which the Hulk threw a car at the Batman who smashed through the windshields and slipped through it unharmed.

This story as well as the Superman and Spider-Man crossovers will be available early next year in the DC/Marvel Crossover Omnibus Volume 1.

Back cover
Preliminary cover designs


  1. the upcoming omnibus is definitely a good one to mark as a purchase... i believe it will also contain the x-men teen titans special , which i would have to cite as one of my favorite crossovers ever . The shaper of worlds i though was an inspired choice for this one , and would rate this one as above average as well .

    thanks for yet another really enjoyable journey into great comics . Id also like to say ive noticed a lot of folks who comment here are very cordial and knowledgeable which is also very nice to read , and always appreciated .


  2. Hey Jake, thanks for the comment. I would certainly agree that the fans that post here are indeed very cordial and help make this blog what it is!

  3. I like Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, too. His later work on Teen Titans was a worthy follow to the Perez run.

    His art inevitably draws comparisons to Neal Adams, but he also has a little Aparo in him, too. Nice sleek lines.

    Welcome aboard, Jake!

  4. Incidentally, Batman is kicking total ass on that back cover! Simultaneously socking it to Two-Face, Scarecrow AND the Leader!

  5. Page 40 from that historic book is on sale on EBay!



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