Thursday, October 6, 2011

1983 - New Mutants - pencils and inks

Bob McLeod: "1983 New Mutants #7 page 6 Sal Buscema breakdowns. Download to enlarge. By issue #3, I was so rushed drawing the New Mutants that I was doing mostly breakdowns, and I just didn't like the way the book looked. I didn't have time to give my inker enough to work with. I quit penciling the book because I thought I could control the look of the book better by inking someone's else's breakdowns, so Sal took over as breakdown artist and I took over the inks. And I do mean "took over"."


  1. Yeeeeesh. Had I only seen the finished page, there's no way I would ever imagine Buscema did the breakdowns. It's weird, though, because it seems like McLeod did just as much work as if he would have just done roughs as well.

  2. i broke my son into comics not to long ago and the favorites of his seem to be the ones like here , that i grew up on . were both loving this site and all the amazing posts you present . it makes his journey into the books so much more expansive and enjoyable . one thing to see the final product , and another to "hear" and see some of the work that went into it both conception and creation-wise , and its brought the same to this old hand as well . thanks for every post , it makes the stories of back then shine better than new .


  3. Hey Jake, appreciate your kind words. Thanks!



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