Thursday, October 27, 2011

1983 - Thor #337 original cover

From the Walt Simonson Appreciation Society on Facebook:
"Thor 337 cover. Pen (probably Rapidographs), ink, tracing paper, Scotch magic tape, white out, and masking tape! (I think that's all of it it.) 10 x 15. 1983.
"This is the original production version of the cover for Thor 337. I believe that the original drawing I did of Bill was photostated in order to reduce it slightly in size to clear the logo a bit better. So this is that photostat seen through a layer of tracing paper.The logo here was the original logo for Thor. At the time, it was the only Marvel logo that had never been changed since its introduction back in the mid-60s. I changed it the following issue so this was a way of alerting readers that (hopefully) something new was in the works.I got a stat of the logo, cut it up, moved the pieces around on tracing paper over the figure till I got them where I wanted them, and then taped everything down on the overlay. I did some additional drawing and some whiting out on the tracing paper as well. So even though the figure here of Bill is a stat, this is the original cover, as photographed, that was printed on the comic book.Thought about cleaning it up before posting it, but I think it's kind of cooler seen this way."


  1. Cool stuff like this is why your blog ......... ROCKS!!

  2. Thanks Marcelo. Thor #337 is perhaps my favorite cover from the 1980s and it was amazing to see in its true form.



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