Thursday, January 31, 2013

1985 - Sal Buscema's Secret Wars II #1

You might recall this blog entry,, spotlighting Sal Buscema's cover to Secret Wars II #1.

I came across scans of the original art for the full issue drawn by Buscema over at



  1. Man. It would have been such a better-looking series if Sal had finished it all. No offense to Al Milgrom, but those pages look great.

    (By the way, somehow an inked page from what appears to be an issue of Spectacular Spider-Man sneaked in there ... might wanna edit your post.)

  2. Strangely enough page 6 was reused for Spectacular Spider-Man #143. Not quite sure how it fit into the original SW story, perhaps it was altered afterwords...

  3. I remember being so excited for this series since I had loved the first SW and was so completely disappointed and bored with SWII. Even as a 13 year old I could recognize how ridiculous the jheri curled Beyonder was. It's saving grace was that the crossovers intoduced me to Simonson's Thor and Miller's "Born Again" arc on Daredevil--two comics I had not been reading prior to SWII.

  4. Yes, my first (or one of THE first) super-crossover-mega-events, ol' Stan and company tricked my 11-year old self into buying this steaming turd of a series, and lots of the "crossovers", too. I also was VERY dissapointed, having been a big-time fan of the first SECRET WARS. I think the next mega-crossover for me would have been Crisis (I picked up the first couple issues, then I guess it confused/bored me, or the two "death" issues were hard to find on the spinner racks, and I only picked a couple of the tie-ins, which seemed even more confusing to figure out at that point). Kudos to Perez' art on Crisis, though, he really blew away Zeck's SW1 slapdash, hurried style, IMO.

    The next big crossover for me was Acts of Vengeance. I was a teenager now, with more cash to spend, and I think I picked up every tie-in. In hindsight, it was a mess, but I think it helped clear the awful smell of SW 2 that was still lingering. At least there was fighting and recognizable villains, instead of the metaphysical mumbo-jumbo of Secret Wars 2. The Jheri Curl Beyonder, probably the first "hated" charcter in comics, for me.....soon to be followed by Cable, Bishop, (and years later) the Hood, and the Sentry.

    thanks for the memories,

  5. Interesting to compare these to the published issue.

    I posted a link to this on the Sal Buscema Pow group on Facebook.



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