Sunday, January 6, 2013

1988 - Lost Liefeld New Mutants story

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"...I was given an inventory story written by Howard Mackie featuring X-Factor and the New Mutants. This is well before I would introduce Cable or Deadpool in New Mutants, this was the pre-Cable cast of characters. The idea was that it could be scheduled a either an X-Factor or a New Mutants fill-in story. The focus of the issue is heavily trained on the character of Warlock and his fascination with a character named Madcap."


  1. Seeing these pages makes me realize why Liefeld's artwork was so exciting to us back when he first arrived at Marvel. Sure, it's easy now to criticize his art, but this was very cool stuff at the time, and he seemed a bit more grounded before he became a "star" artist.

  2. Shock! Horror! These aren't RUBBISH...sure, the whole 'tiny feet' thing is in evidence this early, but nobody (bar Beast, and that's in canon) is muscle-bound, there are no HUGE guns, belts, straps etc on show, Boom Boom doesn't have a tiny wasp-like waist and a rear that was impossibly proportioned, and so on. I actually LIKE his interpretation of Warlock. Where did he go so badly wrong...?

  3. Where are those belt pouches?!! :)



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