Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Mighty Avengers - My 10 Favourite Covers from the 1980s

And here are the runner-ups!


  1. All but two of them were written by Roger Stern, incidentally ;-)

  2. I think #223--the Hawkeye/Ant-Man one--is as iconic as any cover ever rendered.

  3. Although Milgrom was technically a very poor artist (his anatomy and proportions were awkward, even absurd, his faces limited to stock diagrams, and his inks somewhat harsh) his creativity and bravura allowed him to design some of the most eye popping covers of the era. He also doesn't get enough credit for the covers he designed for other artists to render whilst working as an editor.

  4. A lot to love here. I was hoping/expecting to see Hawkeye/Ant-Man, that Buscema Captain Marvel one, and Jarvis. Pleasantly surprised to see that Maelstrom one, I always liked it! And forgot about the double annual spread, very nice!

    They're on the cusp of the 80s, but I would have added #200, just 'cause I love those grand group shots, and #196, that classic Taskmaster cover.

    That Zeus one's kinda like the Beyonder one 20 issues earlier, isn't it? Both very cool.

    Love these top ten lists, feel free to post more!

    david p.



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