Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jim Shooter Returns to Marvel Comics for Secret Wars Spin-Off

In an unprecedented move, former Editor-in-Chief and original 1984 Secret Wars writer Jim Shooter will return to Marvel Comics to pen a 12-issue limited series spin-off of the upcoming Secret Wars event.

Joining him will be legendary 1980s artists, each taking on one issue:

  1. Mike Zeck/John Beatty
  2. John Byrne/Terry Austin
  3. Michael Golden
  4. Sal Buscema
  5. John Romita Jr./Dan Green
  6. Paul Smith/Bob Wiacek
  7. Walt Simonson/Bob Wiacek
  8. Al Milgrom/Joe Sinnott
  9. Frank Miller/Klaus Janson
  10. Bob Hall/Joe Rubinstein
  11. Bob Layton
  12. Everyone!

Happy April 1st. :)


  1. Ha-ha, Jason....still super-awesome but anyway

  2. Man, I was SO excited til I realised I'd been had!

  3. Hahaha good one!

  4. :) I really wish they could make it happen too!

  5. I admit that you had me fooled, until I saw Byrne's name!

  6. It's rare that I can say this, but I honestly was not fooled for a second.
    BUT it's still a wonderful notion.
    Just reading those art teams is enough to make me smile.
    Happy April Fool's!

    david p.

  7. Man , Jason, the one Secret Wars limited I truly would have picked up without giving a second thought and you pull the rug out! Got me, Bud!



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