Friday, April 3, 2015

1988 - Anatomy of a cover - Uncanny X-Men #225



  1. This is right in my wheelhouse. And in a long box in my closet! Thanks for posting this and bringing back a great memory.

  2. Hey JG, thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment!

  3. I also liked this storyline. Putting Wolverine in charge was unprecedented at the time, and even though he did pretty good, he showed that he was uncomfortable with the position. That was a great thing with having Chris Claremont writing the book for so long, the characters and how they acted was very consistent. Even when they went through experiences that changed them, sometimes drastically, it was still believable because they were written with their own personalities. To me they were never the same after CC was gone, it didn't feel right. The only exception to me would be the Grant Morrison run. It showed evolution in the characters, but I felt they were still consistent with the X-Men I grew up with. I've tried checking in on them in the past 10 years, but they seem unrecognizable to me.




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