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1989 - Beast and Nightcrawler by Rob Liefeld

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  1. I was at first astonished that there are actual FEET drawn for both characters, but upon closer inspection, those feet are still NOT quite... feet.

    Beast has 5 toes (albeit one is 100% in shadow) on his right foot, but the left foot has a mere 4 toes.

    His hands... I can't tell WHAT the heck is going on there, with bendy, broken-looking digits splayed every which way.

    And of course, Nightcrawler only has 2 toes, so... even Liefeld can count to two (and he did screw up by giving Kurt actual heels and not the "3rd" toe that he is supposed to have...but I'll give him a pass on that).

    1. I believe that if you look above what seems to be the second toe on the Beast's right foot there seems to be something that is similar to the toenails on the rest of the toes.

      In short, another toe obscured by one in front of it.

      No fan of Liefeld, but do believe that you are being unnecessarily harsh. I have seen worse from more respected artists.


    2. I do see what you are referring to (on Beast's LEFT foot - remember his body is reversed - although, I have seen many a Leifeld drawing with two thumbs - one on either side of the hand - since he couldn't seem to remember which side it goes on for which hand, so your confusion of anatomy [if you learned it from his works] is understood). ;-)

      I KID. I KID!
      Really, just taking the easy dig there (not your fault you walked into it. It was low-hanging fruit. My apologies. I mean YOU no disrespect. I go where "the funny" takes me).

      However, either way, I truly believe that is but an errant line, and can no way have room to place a toe. Still, in the spirit of friendship and comic camaraderie - I leave it to other viewers to weigh in. I'm not invested in Liefeld's work either way. Most of it I find poor, but some is at least enjoyable in its way.

      Still, I mean no undue harshness for the man himself - despite what anyone who has worked with him, for him or above him has ever said. I never met the man and will not besmirch he himself. I can only judge what is his work, and for the most part, I find it is lacking.

      Yes, many "better" artists have produced worse, yet never with such regularity or impunity.

      I didn't note it in my original assessment, but I have NEVER seen any indication that Nightcrawler can use his tail like a leg. Still, artistic license must be given since - I don't think - it was never stated that he COULDN'T do so.

      One of MY all-time fave's; Michael Golden, has had his work quality suffer over the past decade or so, and he has had the infamous "Patience is a Vir(t)ue..." debacle. So... no one is perfect.

      I welcome equal-opportunity ribbing from anyone who wishes to do so. I love searching the web for drawings of "Man-Thing"... that is comedy gold right there.

    3. Yeah, I hate Liefeld as much as the next guy, but this is decent.

  2. Not to mention the fact that Beast has two left feet...
    But all in all, I actually like it (the drawing, not the feet) :)


    1. Oh RIGHT! (er... I mean LEFT!)

      HOW could I mention the fact that Leifeld has drawn two thunbs on hands (for not knowing which side they should appear) and NOT notice that BOTH of these feet are LEFT feet!

      Damn, he sucks.
      I take back ANY middle-ground, nice-guy gestures.
      He's a hack.

  3. My first thought is TWO LEFT FEET!! and I just can't get past it! An 'artist' doesn't make a mistake like that...he is the luckiest son-of-bitch and i would even venture to say he's sold his soul in order to manage to get EVER...hack is an understatement!



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