Monday, July 15, 2013

1984 - Marvel Pennants

Grabbed these from eBay. Thanks to Patrick Roy for the tip!

 Interesting choice of characters with Storm and Nightcrawler with Amanda Sefton versus Pyro and Avalanche from Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Not sure why they decided to spotlight only Sasquatch and Northstar, kind of an odd choice. Maybe it had to do with a licensing thing, I'm not sure, but there are a lot of better choices of Byrne's Alpha Flight, in my humble opinion.


  1. The art for these were taken from then-recent covers of their respective mags.

    Probably more important than WHO they chose was if the image would fit the strange confines of the banner shape.

    Of course, that's just my conjectural 2cents.
    I could easily be wrong.


    I had always hoped for a Doctor Strange one of these, but he DID get a cloth tapestry-scroll-style banner (of a lame-o then-recent cover image as well).

  2. I have a Secret Wars pennant. It doesn't feature any characters, just the logo.

  3. Aw man! What a blast from the past! Totally forgot I had these on my wall...



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