Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1983 - Marvel Team-Up Poster

Tip of the hat to Sanctum Sanctorum Comix for doing most of the leg work...

It was drawn by Ron Frenz and measures 34" x 22".

This original penciled version seems to almost be a first draft. There are significant changes between the two versions:

  • Colossus and Man-Thing removed
  • Power Man and Iron Fist moved closer together
  • Hulk completely changed
  • Dr. Strange and Iron Man more battle ready poses
  • Daredevil and Silver Surfer moved to the background
  • Human Torch made a bit more prominant
  • Thor flying
  • Jack of Hearts added
  • Black Widow removed


  1. i'm glad ROM made the cut in both versions.

  2. Re: ROM -
    Which is odd, since ROM NEVER made it into the pages of TEAM-UP.
    He did, however, make it into # 99 of the companion title; Marvel TWO-in-ONE" (as I mention in my original blog post - thanks for the link-love Jason).

    Yet, MAN-THING, who was in a few issues of Team-Up (as well as 2-in-1) was omitted.

    I guess they did it since he couldn't voice his displeasure.
    (because...er... he has no mouth. Hey. Not EVERY joke is a good one.)

  3. That is indeed impressive it's too bad he didn't make it Rom was the man and I for one would have loved to see where or who it could have been to team up with!

  4. This poster has been used as a cover for Amazing Spider-Man No. 1/1990 in Poland.
    This was the first Spider-Man comics ever released in Poland.

    1. It's interesting that Polish ASM #1/1990 contained... original Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15 (released in 1981).



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